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So don 8767 t leave even one of us alive. Not one. You point a gun- motherfuckers- you better pull that trigger. Or it 8767 ll be the last time you anti-American fucks ever do anything.

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If, hypothetically, say, not white men but black women, or Mexican immigrants, or some Indian tribe had those qualities in higher concentration than the white men, it would be logical that they lead the society on its way to civilization. Because it 8767 s not about race, it 8767 s about the level of organization of human life. Inferior savage life should dwindle, superior civilized life should grow.

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The average poor or lower economic grouping 8775 working poor 8776 household may not pay income taxes. but still pay an average of $795 per month to the government through other forms of taxation.

But it frees us to continue our Manifest Destiny. Maybe Eastern Russia or Central Asia, Turkey, Africa, Middle East and Levant and Eastern Mediterranean. Can 8767 t go back to Britain or Europe. Our ancestors left for a reason. And that reason still exists. I like little colonies of Yankees and Friends. We can try to take back control of our country too. Slowly, methodically- quietly. We don 8767 t have anything else to do.

I feel sorry for you, man. I take it, you 8767 re an adult man yet you think like an adolescent sulking in his bedroom at the whole world. Grow up, man!

8. It is very important to have a very distinctive and smart ideology / program / slogans etc., it 8767 s your self image. It must be very understandable, very clear, very attractive, so that people want to join you and share your ideas.

It should be understood that you are not 8775 supremacists 8776 or racists. You are advocates for the most oppressed social group in the United States: white men. They are oppressed by every minority and most of all by their own women. Every social group in the States have their own organizations and support group but white men who are attacked from all sides.

Low income is not crime to some degree, BUT: the only difference between feral n who eat out of a trash can and annoy you at every gas station begging cash and finally rob a liquor store and go to prison, and ignorant toothless inbred crackers living in FLA swamps or Appalachian mountains and having no other property than an all-rusty truck and a Confederate flag, is that the first breed of morons uses crack and the latter one uses methamphetamine. Bug f difference,eh? Those dying breeds are on the wrong side of progress and they will imminently cease to exist.

Think for yourself, man, what do you want? To restore segregation and start a perpetual war with other ethnic groups? This goal is not feasible. This war can 8767 t be won. Or rather force back to work those ethnic groups who prefer to live on welfare and food stamps and fight for more benefits? With the proper efforts this can be done. Nobody dies, everybody wins, even those who will have to work for their bread rather than take it from the government, because they will get the reason to respect themselves.

One thing I can tell you for sure: without proper allies your Yankee tribe will keep losing this country faster and faster. The writing is on the wall

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